Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Okay sorry class!!!  If you subscribe to this blog, I got a little antsy and hit "Publish" before finishing the post below (since deleted).  Soooooo, you may have a couple, "Mangiez Vos Verts" in your inbox today.

This video was created by Daily Candy, a really great resource for what's going on in food, fashion, travel and fun!  I get an e-mail just about every day on topics ranging from how to make a jello mold for your New Years Eve Party to great, insider deals on fashion sites.

The video is a really great sort of "How To" video providing simple information on how you can shop to get the most health promoting foods for your grocery dollars.

In the video, the Doctor promotes a list of the best and worst foods effected by pesticides which can be found at  Notice that you don't have to sign up to get the guide.  Click where it says, "Get the guide here," in bold, underlined, blue text.  Click on the image of the green and white list and a handy little printable version should pop right up on your screen.  Handy… very handy...

This will be very helpful in maneuvering through the produce section of the grocery store.  I really like this list because I think one of the things people tend to get hung up on when they start thinking about "Going Organic" is that, they just don't know where to start and, to completely buy organic seems cost prohibitive. That list is great because it tells you exactly which things you should opt organic on.

To briefly touch on the cost issue of eating healthy, a lot of people ask me if the way I eat is really expensive.  My thinking is - Yes, it may be more costly on a weekly basis to go and shop the way I do.  However, I purchase food for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for almost every day of the week.  So, in the short term, we save in that we don't spend $7- $10 dollars each, every day on lunches and $15 - $30 on dinners out during the week.  If you really look at your family budget and see how much you spend, TOTAL, on eating out, you may be surprised at just how many of your dollars are going right down your gullet.  So, I take this into consideration when I think about how much it costs me to purchase what I KNOW are healthy ingredients to make meals with from the grocery store versus spending X amount of dollars on lunches and dinners getting Who Knows What nutritionally.  In the long run, I also seriously consider the fact that I will save on medical bills.  I truly believe that working (and it does take a committed effort) at living a healthy lifestyle, from how I shop at the grocery store to how much I exercise, socialize, and rest during the week, will make me healthier in my latter years.  There is ample evidence from various  other cultures (Japan, China) to support this belief.  I've no doubt that, at least as far as my mental and physical health is concerned, eating healthy NOW will benefit me in less medical costs LATER in life.

That's my two cents anyway.

XO & all that Jazz,

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