Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why is Cereal so good?

Is it the crinkling of the bag as you prepare for the pour, or the crispity, crunchity of the fresh flakes? Could it be the cool splash of morning milk or just the nostalgia of a childhood breakfast?  I don't really know why cereal is so good but, I know how much I enjoy a bowl of cereal in the morning and I want to share how you too can still enjoy this breakfast staple while maintaining a whole foods, plant-based diet.

The solution is simple - milk alternatives.

There are a surprising number of lactose free or, non-dairy milk alternatives which is great for those of us who love a little milk in our morning coffee or in our breakfast cereal.  Such alternatives are great because you can still enjoy the benefits of "milk," as a drink or in cereal, and you can use them in baking.  Check out this list of whole foods, plant-based friendly baking substitutions.

Milk Alternatives:
Soy Milk
Almond Milk (my preferred milk substitute)
Coconut Milk
Rice Milk
Oat Milk

Most of these milks provide a variety of options such as:  unsweetened, original, vanilla, and chocolate flavors.  Check the calories and other nutrition information to see what vitamins they're fortified with, the suggested serving size, and to see what all ingredients go into the final product.

My brother once said to me, "I just can't live without my milk and cereal."  The great news is - YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  I hope you're encouraged to search out healthful food alternatives at your local grocery store, farmer's market, and nearby neighborhoods.  So often, I'm pleasantly surprised when I taste an alternative I've never tried before.

So, go ahead... be adventurous!  You just might discover something excitingly delicious.