Monday, December 27, 2010

Quality versus Quantity

The Christmas holiday has come and gone and though I have much to say about my adventures, like, what the best thing I ate was (trying to get the recipe) and a few other little tasty life lessons one can't help but pick up when spending that much time around loved ones, one thing from my travels sticks out in my mind today - toilet paper.

First off, I must explain that I was in and out of several airports in the last two weeks.  Normally, my toilet paper consumption remains entirely loyal to the bear brand (thank you very much adorable cartoon bears for displaying just how much stronger your little quilted paper is), however, when you travel, you are at the mercy of those who buy in bulk.  And, it never seems to fail - when I fly, I find myself in an airport restroom completely baffled at the concept of cheap toilet paper.

I mean really, what is the logic behind cheap, translucent-thin toilet paper?  Please someone enlighten me.  Please!  If I had to guess, I'd say the thinking must go something like, "Yes.  This is less expensive.  Let's by it in bulk.  We'll get more for the money" and yada, yada, yada…

Okay so every time, and I mean every time, I'm there scowling at this toilet paper that is literally thinner than a rose petal thinking, "WHY?!"

I can see through it!  Instead of using say like 5 or 6 squares to take care of business, I find myself gently, gently tugging down on the paper, trying so hard NOT to have it tear off so I have to start over.  I end up having to use like 5 times more of the cheap stuff than I would any regular T.P. because it's so painfully thin!  And the time factor - It means I have to be in there longer (which, who wants to spend any more time in a public restroom then they absolutely have to?  Who?  Tell me! Who?!  No one, that's who…)  I spend so much time gingerly pulling down the delicate paper so that I can get the quantity needed to get me out of there.  It's ridiculous!  It just baffles me.  In this scenario, I always find myself thinking that, as it relates to toilet paper, quality wins out over quantity every time.

And, don't even get me started on those automatically flushing toilets.  "I'm not done!!!!" I don't know if my butt twitched or something or if the little toilet nymphs just thinks it's a hilarious joke but seriously, I don't think anybody's saving water with those things.  Then when it actually is time to flush it's like, "Nope.  Sorry.  Ain't happenin'."

I apologize.  This is probably the definition of "Unappetizing," which, for a blog about food, is probably NOT a good thing but, it just stuck out in my mind and, I thought I'd share.

Hopefully, before the week is out, I'll be able to share the recipe for what the best thing I ate was this Christmas.  Because, who doesn't love to have one more dish to add to their stellar-dish repertoire?!

Peace & Blessing & a Happy Near Year.

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