Wednesday, May 25, 2011

T- Minus to Mexico

I am exactly t - minus 5 days away from getting on a jet-plane and flying away.

My destination?

Way down south past the Mexican border.

Now, I understand the fear over all the drug lords and what not, with their drug wars and their drug battles and their murderous drug crimes in the streets.

But the place I'm going, relatively speaking, is one of the less, war-lordy spots.

The tickets are booked and though the bags aren't yet packed, you better believe this girl's not gonna be easily derailed from heading sur de la frontera (I hope I said that right) to sink her toes in some sand and get some R&R under warm, blue skies.

I'll be sippin' on something refreshing in an all-inclusive resort, taking in some Mayan ruins, and hopefully jet skiing to my adrenaline lovin' hearts content.

In honor of this vacation though, you know I'm preparing a post, one befitting of my destination to a sunshiny, Mexican coast.

Everything will be a dip or something easily eaten on a chip, because who wants to mess with fancy utensils when you're going on a trip?

Check back Friday for pictures, recipes, and possibly more rhyming (I don't know where it comes from sometimes; it just happens without me trying).

Feeling Saucy,

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