Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a Few More Minutes

What's Good for the Muffins, Isn't Necessarily Good for Me

Once I finally got out of bed this morning, after pushing the snooze button three times, I started thinking (as soon as the caffeine from my bold brew kicked in), "I really hate when I do this.  Waking up, even five, ten, or fifteen minutes later than I really need to makes me feel behind and therefore rushed first thing in the morning."

I hate to be rushed.  I hate to feel behind.  And who wants to start their day that way?

As I hurriedly re-prioritized my morning schedule, an image popped into my head.  An image of me, sleeping in my bed, all warm and cozy, just like a cute, little muffin all snuggled up in it's tin.  The timer ticks down, "… 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1.  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!"

Then, the muffins well, they get a little poke to make sure they're done through and through.  Me on the other hand, nobody's there to give me a nudge.  I'm a grown up girl and all I have to do in order to procure another minute or two is fumble around until I find the bar, "Snooze" and hit it to gain un peu plus minutes.

Why am I sharing this image with you?  Well, I guess just because the thought occurred to me, "Once I'm up, I'm always glad I am.  I wish I hadn't slept in and thus messed up my morning plan."

So, what's good for the muffins isn't necessarily good for me.  I need to make a commitment to waking up on time and just, in general, to doing things when I say I'm going to.

"Seize the day!"  It's an old statement but oh so true.  I don't want to waste any more minutes.  They are so precious and few.  Plus, in the grand scheme of things, I'd rather "Seize" than "Snooze."

Wouldn't you?

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