Friday, September 17, 2010

Snack Attack

In lieu of my favorite spreadable snack addition, I have been getting creative in how I satiate my creamy, snack companion needs.

HUMMUS.  Yes, hummus.  Typically made from chickpeas, hummus is made from beans.  It's a good source of protein, a relatively low calorie spread (especially compared to my sprove ---- my "spread-love," peanut butter) and I find it to be just an all around, uber versatile addition to a healthy diet.  It's delish on a piece of nicely toasted pita.  It adds a nice, almost nutty creaminess when mixed into your favorite salad dressing and, it has become one of my sandwich spread staples too!  I mean seriously.  It's like right up there with mustard.  Yeah.

So, hummus, you're all right.  I'll definitely keep you around.

I find mine in the chilled section in my grocery store.  There are so many options too, like "Classic," "Red Pepper," "Garlic," and even some with a little extra heat so, I see no reason why me and hummus shouldn't enjoy a long, lovely, spready relationship.

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