Friday, November 19, 2010

Life Lessons from the Garden Center

On a recent trip to the home improvement store, I stopped a man working in the garden section to ask him a few questions about how to care for my potted rose bushes over the winter.  This is my first time with rose bushes and one, I don't want them to die because they weren't exactly cheap and two, I love them.  Their fragrant, creamsicle orange, pink, and lavender blooms bring me so much joy throughout the spring and summer so, I wanted to make sure I gave them the best chance of surviving the winter.

Standing in an isle now mostly dominated by Christmas greenery and other twinkling decorations I said, "I know I need to bring the pots inside but, I don't really have a clue what to do after that.  Do I need to put a bunch of mulch around the base of the bush?  Do I need to cut all the branches back?"

With green thumb assurance, he replied, "Anytime you cut something back, it guarantees more and better growth next season."

He went on to say, if I just brought them in and made sure they remained moist and got sunlight, they ought to survive just fine.

But, I wasn't really listening…

In my head I was thinking, "I feel like there are a few areas in my life that have been being 'cut back' and it hasn't exactly been a pleasant experience."

But, I believe the principle here holds true for me too.  When it comes to cutting back my plants, the things that get snipped are areas that are diseased, dead, or, they're growing in the wrong direction.  The beautiful thing is, in the spring, those areas are replaced with new, better, vibrant, blooming growth!  May the same be true for me!

Isn't it just wonderful that that's how it works?  I know it sounds silly but, I really felt good standing their next to the Garden Guy.  I've totally been in a season of pruning but, I'm excited to see what new growth the next season will bring.


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