Friday, November 12, 2010

What I'm Reading

Check out this article, "8 Ways to Stay Full Longer."

I think it has some helpful insights into tricky areas like, what are "healthy fats" and how eating certain foods helps you eat less… I know that doesn't sound like it makes since but, it works!

The only thing I disagree with is number 2. which says to chew sugar free gum as an appetite suppressant.  I'm sure this does help but I think the negative effects of this approach may outweigh the possible positive.

There is enough evidence to suggest that fake sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin do a lot more harm than good to our physical and even our psychological health.  Just google "dangers of fake sweeteners" and you will think twice before reaching for that "diet" soda or before handing your 8 year old another stick of that sugar free gum.

I think when it comes to sweeteners, what's produced by nature is MUCH better for our bodies (when consumed with self control and in moderation) than the concoctions created in a lab to look and taste like the real thing but that are actually no where close to natural.  Just because it says "0 calories" does not mean is has zero net effect on your body, brain, metabolism, whatever.  Calories are about how much energy something provides.  So that soda or sugar free cookie has zero calories from fake sweeteners.  That should all the more signal to you that you might be better off eating your Post-it Notes that ingesting whatever science lab creation you're about to devour.

That's a little bit of a tangent but, I think you get the idea.  Do a little research for yourself to discover whether or not that "0 calorie" claim is worth the other short term and long term effects we know to be caused by the consumption of the various, and now widely ubiquitous forms of fake sweeteners.

A Few Articles on the Effects of Fake Sweeteners:
Study:  Artificial Sweeteners Increase Weight Gain Odds
Sugar substitues and the potential danger of Splenda
Fake Sweeteners Boost Rat's Eating
Aspartame Warning

As with everything else in life, the choice is up to you.  But, the thing I more want to get at is the fact that, if you don't know there is a potential harm in consuming all the fake sweeteners that we take for granted won't harm us just because the Food & Drug Administration says so, then maybe you need a little reminder that YOU are the only person who is really responsible for looking out for your health.  No administration is completely unbiased and you better believe the FDA is no exception.  So, do a little research and then you'll be able to make the best, educated decision for yourself.  Because, unfortunately, what you don't know, can hurt you.

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