Thursday, March 10, 2011

Short Term Memory Loss

So, you'll be happy to know, I do not suffer from short memory loss.

I haven't forgotten about the quinoa double feature.  I still have every intention of delivering on that promise.    It's just a matter of timing… You see, currently I seem to be suffering from somewhat of a plethora of diversions - there are just a lot of things, important things, vying for my attention and time.   

I'm not complaining; not at all.  Consequently though, there were a couple of dishes that got pushed up the priority-totem pole because they just made more sense given what we had going on.  

Namely, this - Cooking Light's Chickpea Chili.
(all recipe, images, and content from CookingLight magazine, March issue, pg. 134)

(click images to enlarge)

I made the chili, washed out my crock pot and put it right back to work cooking up Brown Sugar Pulled Pork, as I thought the flavors would be very complimentary.  And they are.  In the name of "Ease" I substituted already cooked and canned chickpeas instead of going through the process with dry ones outlined in the recipe above.  One adjustment I would make in the future though is, I wouldn't add the canned chickpeas until maybe say, halfway through the cooking process so as to avoid overcooking them.  By the time mine hit the nine hour mark, my chickpeas were looking a little… sad.    

I prepared the Brown Sugar Pulled Pork with one little addition (and, I'm quite delighted with the results).  After adding water, I tossed in about 4 handfuls of rinsed, Fingerling Potatoes; a mixed variety.  I let those little guys cook up the whole time my pork was cooking (about 6 hours) and, let me just tell you, they are spectacular.  I was thrilled with the way they soaked up the cinnamony, brown sugary, even slightly peppery flavor of the pulled pork ingredients… and sure, the pork flavoring isn't exactly a bad addition either.  I mean, this was just such an easy thing to do and "Voila!" you've got yourself the quintessential, "Meat and Potatoes," man-pleasing meal.

For me, the chili was an absolutely solid fix for another vegetable chili alternative.  For my meat-lovin' man, the shredded pulled-pork, with it's brown sugar and cinnamon flavors, was a perfect addition to add substance to his bowl.

Okay.  So, don't hate me cuz I haven't yet delivered on the q.d.f.  
Tis' only a matter of time…


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