Monday, March 7, 2011

Long Standing Love Affair

My long standing hot, dark, and steaming love affair with "Joe" is certainly no secret.  I thoroughly enjoy my morning rendezvous with a piping hot cup of bold, black coffee.

As of late, I've attempted to incorporate tea into the drink-repetoire.  I usually drink tea when I'm feeling like a warm, mid-afternoon bevy because it has a lot less caffeine than coffee (just enough to get me through until a "second wind" kicks in) and it tastes alright... I guess.

I ran across this article about the health benefits of coffee and, though I vacillate from time to time over whether or not I want to be a daily coffee drinker, this article makes several good points which, at the very least, make me more confident that the average amount of coffee I consume (about 2 cups daily) is not damaging to my health; it may very well be beneficial.

Maybe you're like me and could use a little brew-benefits-boost where coffee is concerned.

Hope you Enjoy,

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