Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Explanation

So, I feel like I owe you an explanation.

It's been a while sense my last post and, even that was a pretty lack luster one (I do freakin' love me some artichoke hearts though… for realz).

You see, something you may not know about me is the fact that my creativity is not confined to the kitchen.  And, as you may have found to be true for yourself, food is not my main or even necessarily my primary source of energy in this life.

I know that might sound a little "new agey" or whatever but it's true.

A lot of things go into "feeding"ourselves.  Wouldn't you agree?

We are so much more than just the physical bodies that we use food to energize, repair, and promote health and wellness.  There is also our mental health, our spiritual health - intangibles that every single human being knows exist but you can't hold a thought or touch a spirit.  You can certainly "feed" your mind or "feed" your spirit with things that will be life promoting or life diminishing, just as we do with food for our physical bodies, it's just that those kinds of "dishes" might not be so easily identified.

Sooooooo here's the thing, for me, one of the things that is super energizing to me is Sunshine; and not just a sun shining in the sky but a sun that has finally tipped the scales in spring's favor to where, when I walk outside, my shoulders don't immediately scrunch up around my neck in a reaction to a blistering, windy cold but can finally relax, and feel the warmth as it penetrates deep down into every single little cell of my skin.

I know there are very real, physiological, scientific facts that explain the importance of how the sun effects our bodies but, when you live in a region that is prone to long seasons of "dreary" and "grey", those facts don't make it any easier to deal.

I've done my fair share to try to guard myself against falling captive to the winter (or, as is sometimes the case, even the spring) blues:
- I got myself a HappyLite (yes, it's literally called a HappyLite.  It's by Verilux and its a light that emits the full spectrum of the suns rays as a form of phototherapy which can often help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D.).
- I make sure to take my Vitamin D and B Vitamins every day.
- As of late (which I'm not advocating this necessarily, I'm just saying this is what I do) I've been visiting the tanning salon just to feel about five minutes of warmth on my skin.
- I regularly exercise and get a good amount of sleep.

But, even after taking all these steps, over the last month, I still found myself, not sad per se… It was more just a general lack of motivation and difficulty with concentration that was the prevalent feeling almost every day.

I was confused and frustrated and started to get really down on myself because I couldn't help but start thinking, "Am I just a super lazy person?  Why don't I have any desire to blog or write or be creative at all?"

Okay - so I know I get a great deal of energy from the sun.

But, it's not just the warmth or the brightness that does it for me.  It's also the fact that a lot of the other ways I like to express my creativity involve me being able to get outside.

This is a problem if you feel like a little bear, in a cage, who's been antsy to stretch her little bear paws for going on just about two months now.

You see, I'm energized by doing all sorts of things.  One, I classify as "Projecting," which usually involves me busting out the power tools and creating some funky piece of home decor.

(image of log candle holders I made using a reciprocating saw, power sander and a drill bit)

I also express myself in the way I wear my hair and makeup any given day.  Many people maybe wouldn't understand that.  Maybe they'd think it was silly or a waste or just a narcissistic thing girls do.  But for me, I can't help but think about it as I prepare myself for the day. I love to go out into the world with an outfit, makeup, accessories and hair, that I feel like incapsulate the mood or "spirit" I'm feeling that day.
(Comment for deets on makeup, it's one of my favorite things)

Sometimes it's just photography; capturing something that I would like the opportunity never to forget.

(I think frost is magical… reminds me of the fairies in Fantasia.  Anyone?  Anyone?)

Anyway,  I guess I'm sharing this with you, one - because it has been so very long since I really posted anything and two - because I was very encouraged by a very dear friend who shared the thought with me that helped me move through this somewhat perplexing time.

She was like, "Rachel, you're someone who feeds on experiencing new things, being able to get out and be creative and see things or be with people who inspire you.  That's where your motivation and inspiration comes from.  If you haven't been able to do that, there's no need to beat yourself up."

Do you have friends like this?  I sincerely pray and hope you do because there is just nothing in the world like a friend who can give you insight about yourself that, if it was anyone else talking, you'd immediately be able to show them grace and be understanding.  But, isn't it the case that, it seems when it comes to ourselves, sometimes we just can't see things clearly because we're too close to the perceived problem or struggle.  Sometimes a simple insight from someone who genuinely knows and cares about you can be such a supernaturally uplifting thing.

I think another valuable thing I've come to realize is that I just can't be satisfied with only sharing about food here.  Not that that's all I talk about here but, I think I'm going to have to start incorporating some of these other things… if nothing else, just for the fun of it.  I started another blog,, that shows more of my crafty, creative pursuits but, I think I'd like to combine them here.

After all, these are all the things that go into making life surprisingly satisfying.  So, bear with me as I start to try to figure out how I'm going to incorporate some of this.

I personally can't be satisfied trying to focus on one thing or even trying to define myself as one thing.  I don't know why I necessarily thought I had to in the first place but, it will be interesting to see how things unfold as I move in a new direction going forward.

It is in fact a gloriously sunny day today so, I don't want to spend one more second then I have to inside on my computer.

Affectionately Yours,
Sun Bunny


  1. Hi!

    I can relate I know I feel so much better when it's sunny too, I think most people are like that. Good for you for being creative! Please keep up the recipes and stuff though if you can because I was really enjoying it. I live in California and we have a ton of fresh produce here. I was inspired by your post on artichokes to really enjoy all the fresh local artichokes and I've been eating a lot of them.


  2. Being out in the sun is relaxing, and yet, it can be invigorating as well. Just a few minutes in the middle of a busy day can make a huge difference.
    Thanks for your comment about B-12 vitamins in a past blog entry. They do seem to help quite a bit.
    Regarding food, have you worked with acorn squash before?

  3. You look really beautiful! I love the shimmery eyeliner on your bottom eyelid! Would love to know more about your makeup/cooking/etc! heart your blog :)

  4. Thanks very much! You are very kind.
    The eye shadow is a wonderful purple color by M.A.C. called "Beautiful Iris." It is an absolute go-to for me as a color that works really nicely on the bottom lids.
    Thanks again for reading!

  5. "D" - I love that you were inspired to eat more artichokes (!!!!) and I will absolutely continue to post recipes. It's so encouraging to hear from people like yourself so thanks so much for the comment. :)
    "Anonymous, May 12" - I'm so glad you found the B-12 helpful. It was an absolute revelation for me not to mention just a total health necessity once I realized I was deficient. [For those interested, see post under "Life" titled, "A Tough Pill to Swallow."] As for you question about acorn squash, my recipe for the "Sweet Acorn Squash Bowl" is really the only experience I have with them. I've seen some great recipes for them on the grill though; so, they may make an appearance sometime this summer. We'll see. :)