Monday, June 13, 2011

Ideas for Cilantro

Anyone have any great ideas for ways to use copious amounts of cilantro?

I literally have a cilantro tree growing in one of my containers.  I love cilantro.  I use half-a-cup or two in my recipes fairly regularly but, now I'm wondering if there isn't something, almost like a cilantro based pesto that would be a good way to use some of this verdant growth.

Any ideas?  Comment and let me know.

If you're at all curious about my little candles there, check out my post (with lots of pictures) on Becoming an Artist, about how I created these twinklers.


1 comment:

  1. Would cilantro go well with fresh diced tomatoes, onions and multi-colored peppers for a nice fresh bruschetta of sorts or maybe a different type of salsa? (Not sure what liquid ingredient would go well with that.)
    Also, a question: do you use saffron and do you have any idea why it's so expensive? I was in the market the other day, browsing the spice section and I saw a small container--price tag was 19.99!
    Susan C