Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mexico Ruminations

I have returned... though, it was no easy feat dragging my sunburned butt away from the glowing Mexican sun.

From the moment we stepped foot into the airport to leave the familiar behind to the minute we said, "Adiós" to the lovely resort staff, every single step, bite, interaction and experience was absolute and complete bliss.
My husband (who I just celebrated 6 years of marriage with over this trip) packed my new, never-goin'-to-fly-without-it travel companion, the Snuggie, so that I wouldn't freeze to death like I normally do on plane flights.  It was so great.

Yay!!! I love needing my passport!!!

The first morning, laying out on a bright blue beach chair, ridiculously large sunglasses over my eyes and a big floppy hat on my head, I could easily understand why ancient civilizations worshiped a sun god.  The sun was beautiful, bright and its rays ran all the way down to earth, warming every grain of glittering sand and every inch of my epidermis.  My skin cells were smiling (and so was my face).
The view under my brim:

My skin is a tad bit itchy having been roasted ever so slightly to a light tinge of pink.  I was quite fastidious with the sunblock application and reapplication until the final day when I threw caution to the wind and the sunblock in my beach bag and just let the rays do their thing in the hopes that it would, "just turn to tan."

A few more applications of aloe coupled with a few sun free days and I think I may end up with just that ---- a nice little tan courtesy of the sol de May-hee-co.

The resort was lovely.  The staff - absolutely, positively, friggin' terrific.  The hardest working, most courteous, kind people I could have ever hoped to have the pleasure of meeting while being on vacation.

The food…

         Oh!  The food

It was fantastic!!!!

I ate fresh guacamole every single day.  I had frijoles negros as a part of my breakfast almost every morning.  And in between the French and the Italian and the Indian restaurants I would be hard pressed to give an answer as to what my favorite thing was all week long.

José (sipped not shot) and the best refried beans I've ever had in my life!
Beans for breakfast?!  Yum.
Chocolate Mousse from the French restaurant... muy moussay
"Tequila Boom Boom"

One thing that does stand out to me though was the coffee.  It was so delicious; so bold; so black, so full bodied and aromatic.

Every morning, as I sat across the table from my husband, I would have this moment, a moment of pure appreciation; appreciation for him, for the place, for the food, the beautiful people, the lovely resort, the means to be able to be there experiencing what I was experiencing, making the memories I was making. And then, a sip of coffee… 


It was perfection.

We went with a group of three other couples.  Let me tell you, that is the way to travel.  Good friends, building great memories and sharing in each others stories.

It was a beautiful week and I feel extremely thankful to have been a part of it.

Roasted & Rested,

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