Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Pumpkin Party

The count down is officially set.  I'm officially excited.  The anticipation is officially mounting.  Every day we get one step closer to - The Pumpkin Party.

This  October will mark the second, now annual, Pumpkin Party.  Basically, this is a time for great friends to get together with pumpkin carving, seed toasting, and a little bit of over indulging in mind.

Here's how the day goes:
First we meet up and head out to the Pumpkin Patch together.  The farm we're going to has tons of other things to see and do, smell and taste ( I can smell the kettle corn now) so, it's an all around great way to spend a brisk, fall Saturday.

There will undoubtedly be pictures taken amongst the gigantic mounds of pumpkins, a few samplings at the on-site wine tasting shop that features a bunch of local libations, and, by the time we visit, I've no doubt that the farm store will be stocked with tons of whimsical Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations to satisfy a variety of tastes and traditions.

The most important task at the pumpkin patch is to choose your pumpkin of course.

Afterwards, we'll all head back to my house with our orange babies in tow, and get ready for the food and festivities…

Throughout the rest of the month I'll be sharing a few recipes that I've been testing before their debut at the Pumpkin Party.

Presently, the Tentative Menu Includes:
- Kickin' Cayenne Black Bean Dip (with chips & veggies to dip)
- Brown Sugar Spiced Pulled Pork*
- Vegetable Chili
- Black Eyed Pea Corn Bread
- Apple Cider (with a "spiked" option available for those so inclined)
and The Treats...
- Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks
- Pumpkin Muffins (duh!)
- Caramel Corn
and…  we'll I haven't made up my mind just yet on everything that's going to be served but, suffice it to say, there will be many a tasty delight.

Okay, back to the day's schedule… So, we're back at my house, we all grub to gather our strength for the festivities ahead, and then, the carving begins.

Each party goer is responsible for two things:  one - bringing their own pumpkin, two - bringing their own pumpkin carving kit.  With a few large knives, a drop cloth on the floor (Yes.  Things can get that messy) we'll all begin carving up our pumpkins and roasting the seeds throughout the night.

Everyone goes home with a pumpkin to delight their neighbors and friends for the next couple of days, a goodie bag full of leftovers (cuz I don't need like, 24 pumpkin muffins sittin' around for me to gobble up) and a bag full of freshly toasted pumpkin seeds.

I'm suh-sooooper pumped for this year's Pumpkin Party.  Worlds are going to collide (lots of different friends from different parts of my life), we have a warm place to gather, and it's just going to be a really relaxing, fun way to celebrate the bounty of the season (and get some delicious toasted pumpkin seeds out of the deal.  Oh yum.  I can't wait.)

So, check back soon to see pictures and get recipes for foods I'll be serving at the party and, check out my blog Becoming An Artist for decoration ideas I'll be sprinkling around my home leading up to the party.

*You may have noticed that the menu includes some non, whole foods, plant-based diet items.  With a gathering of nearly 20 people, I want to be sensitive to the fact that most people in fact do include meat and dairy in their everyday diet.  Many menu items, such as the Vegetable Chili and the Pumpkin Muffins, are still absolutely w.f.p.b. diet friendly.  My hope is simply to provide as much delicious and nutritious food as possible, that is palatable to all my guests and I'm so excited to hear what all they have to say.  

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