Wednesday, October 27, 2010


That's right.  Unabashedly.  I will unabashedly proclaim that, "I LOVE toasted PUMPKIN SEEDS!"

It's one of the reasons I love having people over to carve up pumpkins.  These gorgeous little beauties are just waiting on the inside to fulfill their crispity, crunchity destiny.

A sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar makes for a delicious treat.
And the standard salted variety is a no brainer when it comes to pleasing a crowd.  I have been known to sprinkle a little paprika, and, even a little cayenne pepper on my little seeds when I'm feeling especially adventurous during pumpkin season.

Basically, this is one tradition that I unabashedly embrace and particularly enjoy.

I love the slippery, slimy way the seeds feel after you've rinsed as much of the gunk off as possible.  I like the way they look all spread out in my cookie sheet.  I love the way they smell as the oven roasts them up; the toasted scent that wafts from the kitchen into the rest of the house beckoning me to pinch a few right out of the pan to test and see if they are of the perfect crispiness.

Below you'll find the recipe I used to toast some of my trappings from the Pumpkin Party .

Pumpkin Seeds with Paprika, Cayenne, & Salt:
Clean crud from seeds.  Spray cookie sheet with olive oil cooking spray.  Pour a layer of pumpkin seeds to evenly cover cookie sheet.  Spray seeds with olive oil cooking spray.  Sprinkle seeds with salt, then cayenne (so you can see how much you're putting on there since paprika looks very similar), then paprika.  Toast seeds for 30-35 minutes in oven at 325.  Seeds should be crunchy and just slightly browned when they're ready.



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